So you are a busy dad and want to get (back) in shape but you just DON’T HAVE THE TIME to wok out 4-5 hours a week, right?


This is just not an option…As a dad of 3 little children I know that pretty well.


And it’s not just the time, because if once in a while you actually can make it to the gym there is this feeling of guilt that you take this time away from your family so you end up not being able to focus on your training, let alone enjoying it.


The good news is that actually

 you don’t have to spend 4-5 hours a week to get (back) in shape.


You can nail it in the fraction of the time, in a super simple way and I if you stick with me I will show you how.


Hi I’m Bo Valentine and I

Help busy dads get (back) in shape in no more than 8 minutes a day.


Click here to learn how :)

See you there!


But before you do so I recommend you to quickly check the about page for a bit more context and some valuable tips,


A special note:

ENJOY the day!

It might not be that  obvious at first but this site is all about enjoying life.

I believe that the purpose of life is to enjoy it.

To discover the world and enjoy all the wonders we can experience as a human being.

To be able to enjoy life to the fullest we need to get rid of our limits, and be free on the most essential level:

Being able to move, to act, to feel, to think, to create, to connect freely without limitations which all boils down to one thing:

A healthy body and a healthy mind.

This is what drives me, this is what this site is built around,

to live a kick ass life, and enjoy every minute of it.

Are you with me?