Hi I’m Bo 

in mid 30’s, athlete, foodie, music lover/bedroom DJ, surfer, husband, dad of 3, friend, son, brother.


As a child National Geographic Magazine, Jacques Cousteau and of course Indiana Jones ruled my world. I knew everything about pyramids, the African savannah, whales etc.. My hunger to discover has not diminished since, I am still fascinated with our World. 

The main field of my exploration is the human body and mind.

I just can’t stop learning about how we function and how we can get better.


Now as a dad of 3 kids I am on the quest to create and live a  free, kick ass life built on my core values: a healthy body and mind, and ENJOY every minute of it,

to set an example for my 3 amazing little kids and to be the kick ass dad to them they deserve.

My personal intention is to live at least 130 years in top physical and mental health to be able to enjoy every moment of life to the fullest.

To get there,


I EXPLORE the science behind longevity, biohacking, health & fitness,

SIMPLIFY concepts so that it is easy to understand and implement, 

and this is my space where I

SHARE  the best ideas so that others can try and benefit from it too.


When I got a dad and we started discussing and sharing our experiences with my friends and other dads (especially with small children) around me, I noticed that  they are trapped in a busy, stressed out lifestyle, taking care of themselves becomes about 23rd priority. 

It all just gets a never ending to do list and chaos and the whole joy is just missing.

And do you know what’s the sad thing about this: This is accepted commonly as being normal…You know, this is just how being a parent and “grown up” is.

Having a dad bod is normal too, you just can’t do anything, this is just how it is, right?



This needs to change, our kids need healthy, energetic, happy, kick ass dads!

My vision is to reach at least 100.000 dads all over the World and help them with my ideas to shift their lives.

Why 100.000?

This is a 1000 dads each year for the next 100 years…this should give me enough to do..but if I get there sooner, I will go for the next 100.000 :)


Stick with me my friend, let’s kick ass & enjoy life!


What’s next?


You can jump straight to the IDEAS  or get in touch with me under MAIL&CO.

You can also check what I’m up to right NOW ,

But first I recommend you to read these two posts which are small practical guides on how understand and apply anything you read here.

…or elsewhere… :)

So go, start with the PRINCIPLES and BASICS



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Kick ass & enjoy!