011 – Do you feel you have missed the opportunity to make your passion your profession?You are not alone – an important lesson follows

I just realized the true reason behind not going after a dream for 20 years. Read on and it might change your future or the future of your kids…   So, back in the middle of the 90’s one of […]

010 – What is the rule of resonance and why is it superior to the law of attraction?

Today I learned a new concept (to me at least): the law of resonance. What is this and why is it so much cooler than the law of attraction?   Let’s find out!   The law of attraction is roughly […]

009 – Ikigai – with a little twist, for a fulfilled life 

You have to read  this! This is going to be a short but important post with a cool idea, keep reading.   Do you remember the Japaneses concept of Ikigai introduced in the post about finding YOUR UNIQUE THING?   […]

008 – Do you know your unique thing ?You should…

It is called many names and comes in many forms. It is often defined as your purpose or your why, but calling it your universal mission or special skill set wouldn’t be untrue either.   I just call it your […]

007 – Having trouble with finding passion? Check this post on your work vs. your art

Let’s consider your work what you do to pay the bills, what earns you money and your art whatever you do to relax, to express yourself, your hobby, your passion. Anything from gardening and cooking to collecting something or playing […]

005 – Do you hate what you have to do every day? Here is the cure: Love what you do – no matter what it is

There you have a cool hack about how to find joy even in the shittiest activity. This is a life changer. It was for me!   Let’s be honest, in the daily routine of most of us the activities that […]