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011 – Do you feel you have missed the opportunity to make your passion your profession?You are not alone – an important lesson follows

I just realized the true reason behind not going after a dream for 20 years. Read on and it might change your future or the future of your kids…   So, back in the middle of the 90’s one of […]

005 – Do you hate what you have to do every day? Here is the cure: Love what you do – no matter what it is

There you have a cool hack about how to find joy even in the shittiest activity. This is a life changer. It was for me!   Let’s be honest, in the daily routine of most of us the activities that […]

002 – Principles

1. Please keep in mind. This is not my wisdom:   this is all out there. Yes I might comment or put my own twist on it, but this is not created by me, it all exists this is just how […]

001 – Basics

Body Health. This is everything. Where ever you want to go your body needs to take you there. I put this first to MIND because I believe it is easier, to make changes, to shift.  (But maybe this is only […]