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006 – How to hack exercising if you lack time

We are going to apply Mr Han’s wisdom straight from The Karate Kid (yes,the remake): “Everything is kung fu.”   Everything is exercise, you just have to be conscious about it and use the opportunities to train life gives you. […]

005 – Do you hate what you have to do every day? Here is the cure: Love what you do – no matter what it is

There you have a cool hack about how to find joy even in the shittiest activity. This is a life changer. It was for me!   Let’s be honest, in the daily routine of most of us the activities that […]

004 – Follow your passion – and what’s wrong with that

To live a fulfilled life you need to follow your passion. Do you? Really?   Follow your passion! Find your passion! Do what you love!   There is a lot of buzz around this. It all sounds good but there […]

003 – Make this one shift and change your life – It all starts with your body

Ideas on how to get conscious about and aligned with your body. But what does this even mean? Keep on reading…   So the body is where it all starts. …at least for me. I will explain in a minute […]

002 – Principles

1. Please keep in mind. This is not my wisdom:   this is all out there. Yes I might comment or put my own twist on it, but this is not created by me, it all exists this is just how […]